Sim 800l keeps on resetting



Hmmm. not right!!!. AT+IPR=9600.


can you send your code?


You must to see all video for sim800 and sim900 module, on the channel ours dear Ravi!


Okay. Can you send me the links of the video?


Sorry but I not have this command, this operation I made on the computer, and I not use in code. Also you need use hardware uart.


I’m not shure but try this code
And change your connection on board arduino.
> void setup()

      void loop()
          {      }


Thanks @ALEXIS for helping out. Appreciate it.
Here are the links to the video playlist for SM900

For SIM800

The SIM900 vidoes cover the baud rate side stuff


Thank you too RaviPujar)))


I have problem of restarting.I have used this module but after sending lat - log, Gsm getting restart i have supply 5V and connect parallel arduino and sim39 and SIM800L. I think problem is in power supply. so, i need to increase or decrease power supply?? but i am not sure about problem it may be another problem please tell me what is actual problem.

Thank you.


Please more information about it, also scheme


Thanks ALEXIS.

I have used this module for real time tracking means sim800L is sendding lat long but after 5 minuites its getting restart means after send some latlong its getting restart .

And i have supplied 5V parallely to atmega328 ,Sim39EA and SIM800L. So, Why its getting restart ?..whats problem in SIM800L? please help.


what does it mean

What the power supply?



it means after taking latitude and longitude of current location through sim39EA. I have successfully send Latitude and longitude on server using sim800L through HTTP protocol. We have checked latitude and longitude entry on server. But module getting restart after 5 minutes. Why
SIM800L is getting restart.

power supply is 5v .


Please upload the photo your construction and scheme.


How did u solved the issue of resetting?


Hi Kiran,

Did you solve the issue? I am also facing the same issue , but with a different GPRS module. Could you please share your solution?


I had the same problem and after using different solutions I found that the electrolytic capacitor is installed in reverse polarization, it’s in the wrong position!
Then, I removed the capacitor and solded a new one to test
And, bingo! everything works perfectly, the electrolityc capacitor is a 470uF/25V

I hope that we can all finally solve the reset problem that has driven us so crazy, enjoy and reply if it works for you.

Best regards
Andres Fuentes
Colima, Mexico


I spent quite some time on this problem and I have finally resolved the problem with the following solution.

The problem is the Vbat power supply stability. When the antenna is connected, the device will be power hungry. This results in a voltage drop on Vbat to below 3.4V, causing it to reset. a 470uF capacitor on Vbat is not enough.

The solution is a low-dropout regulator like a MIC29302, 330uF on its input and 470uF on its output (to Vbat). Set the regulator to 4.4V with a resistor network 10K and 4k3. Fit close to the Vbat pins.

I now have this working trouble free.


Stephen, 4.4V is not safe for the module. Dont give beyond 4.2V.
For MIC29302, use 4.7K and 2K resistor for 4.2V output