SIM 808 status and network led turns off

When I power up.the SIM 808 and power on the device by pressing the on button for 1s both the LED turn on, and I am able to make calls to it, as the Ring led turns on,

However when I plug the RX and TX pins to the Arduino both the status and Network LED TURNS OFF.

Use LEVEL translators for connecting 5V Arduino to 2.8V GSM module UART lines.
The GSM module might be getting into OVERVOLTAGE SHUTDOWN as it can only handle IO line voltages of 2.8V max.

Hi, but when I connect the GSM module with 12v Power Adapter, the status and n/w LED turns on, and it is able to receive calls properly, but when i do this with RX and TX pins it does not work, moreover the board says it can accept 4v input

as soon as i connect my uart pins it turns off and only the ring LED will be turned ON, now the power adapter that im plugging is plugged to wall.

hi ,

Dont use TX and RX pin of arduino to connect GSM use software serial pin and software serial function (2/3 or 4/5 or 6/7…)