SIM7100 vs. SIM7600


Can anyone tell me the main difference between SIM7100E, SIM7600E and SIM7600E-H?

As I can see SIM7100E is a CAT3 LTE module, SIM7600E is a CAT1 LTE module and SIM7600E-H is a CAT4 LTE module, right?

Is there a reason why to prefere a SIM7600E than a SIM7600E-H? Or what would be the preferrable module for an M2M application? The homepage of simcomm doesn’t provide that much infos about that :/.


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Hi, did you get any feedback difference between sim7100 and sim7600.

I haven’t see any project have been done by sim7100 or any post, most talk about sim7600, i have problem with sim7100 running with Arduino, unable to run it over tx and rx over micro and SoftwareSerail.h, any help would be appreciated.


which arduino and how are you connecting the tx and rx pins? What problem are you facing?

Hi, I use Arduino pro mini and connect TX to RXD and RX to TRD on SIM7100 and also use a GPIO connect to RI for wake up mode.

The problem is no response from SIM7100. I don’t know should I connect other pin from Arduino to modem or not.


Ok, some things to try out:

  • Verify if your module provides a logic-level shifter (as the chip is 1.8v logic and the Arduino is 3.3v or 5v). If not, connect RX and TX pins of sim7100 and arduino with a proper level shifter. For suggestions, refer to the hardware design guidelines of the manufacturer on page 27 and 28 for example.
  • Are you sharing the ground between the arduino and the sim7100?

Hi, thanks for reply, yes I share both ground together.

I solved my problem, by direct connect my Arduino RX, TX to monitoring port, and figure out AT command not sent properly as the way support to be, I reprogram my Arduino, and working well now.

Thanks for follow up.

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