SIM7600E-H Firmware failure

Hello Embeded Gurus,

I had an incorrect idea to update firmware on SIM7600E-H module
because there are so many firmware versions online:

So I successfully uploaded LE11B13SIM7600M22 and now there is no way to conect to GSM/LTE any more.

A was learning the problem during some 5 hours. All in all I scanned QR code on SIM7600E-H and everything became clear:

So I need to get LE20B04SIM7600M22 now.
As there is no way to get it, I have bought another SIM7600E-H module.

The question is: how to get LE20B04SIM7600M22_210318 firmware from the same working module that is already in my hands?

Please help.

Some more info for those who are interesting in it.

I use this development board: SIM7600E-H LTE Cat-4 4G/3G/2G, GNSS
waveshare - sim7600e-h

All firmwares like LE11B13SIM7600M22 are not compatible and can not be used
for update of modern SIM7600E-H.


Even this note is outdated because they are talking about LE11B10SIM7600M22:
techship . com/news/new-firmware-available-for-sim7600e-h-and-sim7600sa-h/

New firmware available for SIM7600E-H and SIM7600SA-H
09 NOVEMBER 2018

Support team on techship . com and www . waveshare . com gave no answer or recommended to use LE11B10SIM7600M22 as they are not informed about
LE20B04SIM7600M22_210318 at all.