SIM800 CIPSEND - No prompt

I have code that works well …

I send CIPSEND await “>” and send bytes terminated with $1A. Works well, I can chunk large data into 1024 byte lumps, and send it (To Chrome on a PC) … happy days.

HOWEVER. If the module receives a new connection and/or data (+RECEIVE) - then I don’t get the > prompt on all further CIPSENDs to the connection number of the original +RECEIVE (I’m on CIPMUX=1).

I’ve had a good old snoop, and the > is not outputted by the module. CIPSTATUS reports than connections are still good.

So I’m thinking that the SIM800 is affected by the new REMOTE IP: and/or +RECEIVE message.

Any thoughts on this?

Also - Can anyone point me to a decent Tx & Rx snooper that’s more than a diode-OR type of arrangement. Needs to combine Tx & Rx in real time, and order it’s output in the order of start bits being detected. (I appreciate there’s a race condition if start bits are effectively simultaneous)

Any/all comments appreciated … Cheers!