Sim800 series (sim808) AT+CLBS

Hello , I’ve been searching a lot about this ATC (AT+CLBS=1,1) but never seen any1 using it

at 1st I was getting ERROR for all CLBS commands with this firmware(1418B04SIM808M32) but then i upgraded the firmware to the version that has BT and EAT (1418B03SIM808M32_BT_EAT)

and I was getting responses from CLBS commands

everything works fine until last command which returns my location after doing triangulation from closest 3 cells (towers)

I got +CLBS: 3 ( 3 means NET ERROR from datasheet)

I talked to simcomm support and they replied me with this can not work well now, maybe it can not be used in your city because the server doesn’t support the cell database of your city.

then they advised me to use other server

you can use AT+LBSCFG=1,3,”” to set new server and try AT+CLBS=1,1.

I used it and I got a different ERROR code +CLBS: 4 (4 means DNS error)

the thing I have no idea about these servers , I don’t know if they’re global servers or they work only for China

I’m trying to use this in Egypt using Vodafone Egypt sim card and I don’t know if there’s other LBS servers that can work in Egypt and can work with sim808

the only ATC that works for me is AT+CIPGSMLOC which is based on google servers but it only returns closest cell location not my location .

so any information about this will be very appreciated … I don’t know even know if this is related to country laws or service providers (like vodafone) laws

thanks in advance

May be as you said, a different set of Servers need to be used for CLBS to work in Egypt.

Telit also has this AGPS/Triangulation location feature , but it works fine without any problem with accuracy of around 400 meters.

I will check if i can find any further information about it.

Thanks a lot Mr.Ravi

OK. @Mostafa.
Seem like you and I are currently having the same issue.
I would like to know if you found a way around the issue.
I will report my progress to you when I find solution

I’ll do the same whenever I get anything new

I’m berry interested by your post,
Did you find a solution ?

I always got :
+CLBSCFG: 0,1,””


I guess the server is not well register even when I put :
And get an OK reply

I’m sorry but it didn’t work and I don’t think it gonna work
I already posted all my trials
if you look for a better location system then buy another module like sim5360 it has AGPS

Thanks for your reply
Actually the ship you suggest is too big to fit in my small design :frowning:
I’m using sim808, regarding to the documentation it doesn’t have AGPS, but AT+CGNSAID command seems to de implemented …
Did someone try it ?

i think all chips have same size , it’s all about the module size , both same i guess

yes it doesn’t have AGPS , you won’t find AGPS in simcomm except with 4G chips
idk about this command , but gnss is working in sim808 , the problem is when u’re in buildings or places where sats are not available , the only solution then is network location
if accuracy doesn’t matter much to you , you can use AT+CIPGSMLOC it gives u the location of closest network antenna .

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Did you get the solution?
I am also facing the same problem and right now i don’t know what to do.

please help, any help will be appreciated.