Sim800c AT+SSLSETCERT Import SSL Client Client Certificate File with Private Key

I am using the sim800C GSM modem to connect to AWS IoT MQTT broker.

I have the device certificate (CA, Client & Private Key) files. I am able to create and import the ROOT certificate on to the modem easily. However, I am not clear how to import the client and private key files.

The AT+SSLSETCERT command seems to suggest that the Client and Private Key (PK) files must be imported as one file, I am not sure about it, Need inputs here.

  1. I imported only the Client cert. file without password parameter as its optional, the AT+SSLSETCERT was successful but could not connect to AWS simply got ERROR on sending AT+SMCONN.
  2. I merged both the Client & PK cert. files, the AT+SSLSETCERT fails to import hence cannot connect to AWS.

I also tried the .p12 format using openssl which combined both Client & PK cert. files.

  • With pass phrase the AT+SSLSETCERT was successful but could not connect to AWS, kept getting ERROR on sending AT+SMCONN.
  • Without pass phrase AT+SSLSETCERT fails to import the file (same as 2).

Has anyone got sim800c working with AWS IoT? Please suggest!

@Ravi_Pujar @RaviPujar have you tried SIM800 with AWS IoT, do you have any suggestion?

I havent tried AWS IOT so far. So i dont have much idea on this.

Thanks @Ravi_Pujar for your prompt response.