SIM800c Delayed Power ON ISSUE

I am faceing Delayed power on of the module, Once i turn on power of the sim800c only after 30-40 sec the device is powered on and the network light is blinking and fetching the network. I am facing this issue in nearly 20-30 boards with me. Kindly tell me a solution.

Can you be a little more specific on what you mean by the delayed power on? even im using a sim800 in my projects but ive never had this issue.
did you do some troubleshooting?

  1. Having a proper filter and power capacitor.
  2. Is the GSM Enable pin connected to the positive?
  3. You mentioned about the network light, have you noticed the light flashing as soon as the power is on?

check if any of the above troubleshooting method solves your problem.
Parth Temkar

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