Sim800l always set AT+CGATT =1, how to change it..?

Hello team,

Just i joined you, I faced one issue on sim800l module.
whenever i try to set AT+CGATT=1 i always get +CME ERROR: unknown


20:13:23.126 -> AT+CGATT?
20:13:23.126 -> +CGATT: 0
20:13:23.126 ->
20:13:23.126 -> OK
20:13:31.141 -> AT+CGATT=1
20:13:31.141 -> +CME ERROR: unknown

Please suggest me what should I do.

Thanks & Regards
Ashutosh Singh

That command is not needed for TCP connection. Go ahead without it.

Sir actually I was try with this command I can’t get ip.
And without ip how can I know tpc is connected or not…!

Sir can you share me any minimum cmd which I can TCP connection…!

I connect to GPRS with just 3 commands

Next issue socket commands AT+CIPSTART etc