Sim800L and external certificates


Has anyone had success with installing “external” certificates into the SIM800L?

I’m no guru in this area, and especially not in SSL/certificates, but I’ve tried out to use the internal SSL-certificates (by setting the command AT+CIPSSL=1 before doing CIPSTART), and it seems to work fine.
However, I plan to try out MQTT against Azure IoT Hub, and it seems to require a separate certificate:

The Digicert Baltimore certificate is available here:

I’ve downloaded the .crt-file, and installed it into the Sim800L’s file system as described here in sect 3.10 in this doc:

  • but the SSLSETCERT-command fails, most likely because I don’t have a password to put in.

What password is to be used here, and how to obtain it?
I find sparse documentation regarding this; Has anyone had success using external certs for this module?


I guess the password is the one you gave when you create the CRT file.

Thanks @RaviPujar, but I only downloaded the .crt-file from here:

Should I have done it otherwise? Used the .c-code to generate a crt-file?


I think there are tools which ask for whether you want to set the password when creating the CRT file. Check if you get tools online which can set password to existing crt files.

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