SIM800L Arduino Code with pin configuration - AT command not responding

hi. if any one have sim800l arduino uno code.? module is successfully connected to the network but at commands are not responding i took code from here

How are you able to tell that the module is connected to network?
Based on network LED?

AT commands not responding can be due to mulitple reasons, most common is the baud rate mismatch , or module entering sleep mode.

Did you try entering AT commands by connecting module to PC using USB or RS232?

I wonder the same, How are you able to tell that the module is connected to network ?
Please decribe here.
The link you give make use a library, but no lib is needed for communication with the SIM800 family (and others) modules.
Only an USB - UART (3.3 or 5V RX/TX levels, depending of your board) and a terminal software.

The link you give encourages to use a LM317 (1.5A max, in perfect conditions) as a power source, but the SIM800 modules need sometimes up to 2A.

So, begin with the beginning.
What is exactly the board you use ? What is the power source you use ? What is the code you use ?

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network LED blinks after 3 sec every time. secondly its ringing when ever i call on that number. no i am using arduino uno not ttl or rs232


Dont use TX/RX pin of arduino use software serial (digital pin 3/4 or 5/6…)