SIM800L DTMF and SMS feature implementation

I have following requirements. Is it possible to achieve using SIM 800L.

  1. Send call to user by taking command from Tx Rx
  2. Receive call, detect DTMF and send to Tx Rx to arduino
  3. Send SMS

Also please suggest is it having onboard IO also. or any other alternatives.
If you have some video already with some project it will be helpful, as it is the cheapest one i feel.


Hi Vishal,
Yes its possible.
You can find videos on these topics done separately, DTMF, SMS etc.
I have this board which does the DTMF handling and can handle SMS also. Check if its useful.

Which one i should use SIM 800L or SIM 800C.

I havent used SIM800L. SIM800C is easy to solder and has Bluetooth. So i use SIM800C.