SIM800L EVB powering problem


I have quite a problem with powering my SIM800L EVB like this one: link
The module keeps on resetting every couple seconds. I’m powering it with a 12V 5A wall adapter through LM2596 (The board should be powered with 5V). I also added 4700uF cap as you can see on the picture below. I can use AT commands but when I want to check AT+CREG all I get is +CREG: 0,2. Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Try move your condenser to the board sim800. Soldering it.
In topic “Sim 800l keeps on resetting” I posted photo, how I made it.

I’ll give it a try then. I will let you know how it went later. Thanks for the quick response.

UPDATE: That was it! I can’t stress enough how much I’m thankful for your help. After so many hours of trying different things it finally started working. Thank you for your time! All the best ALEXIS!

You are welcome. Also you can subscribe on the channel RaviPujar.

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Thanks for helping out @ALEXIS You are the best :slight_smile:
@szakala The capacitor needs to be close enough to VBAT pins for delivering the surge current needed. Alexis was spot on.


Thank you too Ravi, you helping us))):wink:

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hey everybody . i am using this module with arduino uno but didn’t work . it blinks each second and can’t connect to the network , any help ???

Please create separate thread for your question

Hola amigo muy buena la respuesta, pero como se soluciona el problema de agregar semejante capacitor cerca del modulo?

Post in English please

You should Use Short and Thick wire