SIM800L FTPS returns 80 or 84 error codes


I’m working on my library in order to add the FTPS feature. I managed to upload images up to 1MB large to the FTP server without problems, but, this is insecure.

I’m trying both, explicit AT+FTPSSL=2 and implicit mode AT+FTPSSL=1

The former returns “1,80: SSL failed to stablish channels”, while the last returns "1,84: FTP Prot Error.

The server is not receiving the AUTH action, I think the module is not able to establish a secure connection at all. Did you manage to get it working?

I also tried to ignore untrusted certs without success.

Thanks in advance!

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Hi, Have you got the code to transfer FTP successfully?
That would be enough to me.
So far what I got creates the file name at the FTP server but leaves it empty.

Hi! Yes, I managed to upload files up to some MB.
Have a look at my library where I implemented the FTP uploads in batches for SIM800L. I use Arduino.

This is my github library where you can see some examples: carrascoacd/ArduinoSIM800L

But I didn’t manage to use it under FTPS yet.

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