SIM800L GSM module not connect to network

First Check If It is restarting or not. If module is restating Voltage & Current Problem. Therefor check by using AT+CBC AT Command. check voltage and percentage of voltage. Result give by,

+CBC: 0,3,3428

3 - Precentage
3438 - Voltage in mV

Your Module should have 80, 90 percentage voltage. Therefor change your supply voltage by 0.5V and check again until 80 or 90 near to 100% voltage. DON’T BURN YOUR MODULE. Check every time using AT+CBC AT Command.

Hi, even though I have check AT+CBC command and get >80% in voltage. I still unable to attach to GPRS. When I AT+CGATT=1 , it will always give me an ERROR and when AT+CREG?, I got 0,0 . But I do have signal as when I AT+CSQ, I got 13,0 and when AT+COPS=?, I am able to display the network operator.

May I know how to solve this problem please?

I am using 3.7v 2500mah but I am getting AT+CBC has 0,0,3124

My 800l GSM module is blinking for 1 second plz help in this problem I given 3.3v to GSM module with help of ardunio uniform plz help me

can also share me the circuit diagram with ardunio uno with 800l GSM plz sir

You should power the sim800 with a 3.7v-4.2v @ 2A power supply and share the GND with the arduino. I recommend you to check the tutorials made by @RaviPujar on his website, there you can find lots of info on how to start with the sim800 and arduino.

I used 1500mah lipo to power it,even though it’s not working,plzz help

Charge your battery.

Give the input supply of 4.1 V, 2A.

I too had similar kind of an issue… Your comments helped me…
Just to add one more thing for anyone having connectivity issues,
Don’t power the SIM 800L V2 module through Arduino 5V outs, as the voltage received by the module is insufficient that way. All ways power it with a separate DC supply with a common ground.

Hi Ravi, i hav the same prob. I can not connected to network. However the airtel sim has valid balance and net faciliy. The sim number got with at command in serial monitor but not at+csq. The led blink 1sec. I connect with 3.84 volt lion battery