SIM800L Max Post Size


What is the max Post Sie i can Post with the sim800l?

If i want to Upload a Image from a sdcard is that possible?


Hello and welcome! According to the SIMCOM documentation (on page 259) you can post up to 319488 bytes using the HTTP interface.

Maybe a good compromise to upload an image is to encode it to base64.

Correct, 319488 is a theoretical value or max buffer size . But realistically on a 2G network. You cant upload more than few kilobytes repeatedly. I would advice to divide data into 2KB or 4KB chunks and send them one by one.

But with 3g it should be no Problem or?

3G should give you better results. But SIM800L doesnt support 3G. You need to switch to SIM5320/SIM5300E module mostly for this.