SIM800L module, lost internet after some days of working, then Internet not coming for days

I am using Sim800L from 6 months now. I like this module I really don’t have a big problem in using this module. It sometimes goes out of the network (or I don’t get Internet due to some reason) and never coming back up to days (Sometime by restarting script I can get it back). After replacing my GSM module problem looks the same.

After going through the datasheet and reading a similar post on your portal. I found that It needs 4V, 2A power supply for optimum working. But It really doesn’t make any big change.

Unwillingly I think I have to RESET my module using my Raspberry Pi GPIO to make RESET pin low for 110 mili-sec.

I possibility I see is to short the RING and RESET pin. because RING pin goes low when we call, so doing so it should reset my module each time when I call. (I am unsecure in doing this, firstly, because I am not sure I should short the pins like that or not. secondly If internet is not coming because of network, then making call is also not possible). Please help me regarding. Thank you.