SIM808 AT+CIPGSMLOC network location

I did a reply at that article

it’s about network location using sim808 module

I have used AT+CIPGSMLOC and it doesn’t triangulate the location , it returns only the location of closest network antenna

that’s why it’s hundreds of meters away from your location cause nothing says it returns your current location

the AT command that should return the sim location probably is AT+CLBS which clearly states that it returns the sim location

using the information from closest 3 network antennas

and right now I’m trying to find out how to use this command with my sim808 module , seems like I need some upgrade to my firmware

I just wanted to share the results I got with you so maybe we can find a solution for this

cause for many applications that requires location , GPS doesn’t work at lots of environments so the only solution at these cases is to get sim location

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Yes, the command gives a GSM network tower location as I had mentioned in the video. The CLBS is new. I will try it and let you know.

i want to get location sim module,but sim808 send me only the location of closest network antenna!
please help me

Yes, You will only get location of nearest Network tower. Because AT command used to get location will fetch the location information of the tower [which is early hard coded] through which your GSM SIM module is communicating.

It is not possible to get location of SIM module without using GPS module.

You need to interface GPS module with your SIM module or or your setup to get exact location.

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it’s not possible unless you have other module which has AGPS
in this module the only solution is to use AT+CLBS which is not working (at least for me in egypt)
give it a try maybe works for u .
it depends on simcomm LBS servers which don’t seem to work
so the AT command is completely useless
note: you can’t use AT+CLBS unless you have firmware version have ( _EAT) at the end


I had a fault like this when I got GSM location!
Please help me