SIM808 BT Firmware


I have a SIM808 to do some Bluetooth Communication.
I read I need to flash the firmware. I found the SW on the SimCom Homepage, but it tells me some software version problem when I want to flash. Also I have SW 1418B05SIM808M32 installed an the ones on the server seem older.

Do you know where I can get the most current BT Firmware for the SIM808?

Another question: I supply externaly with 3.9 V. When I attach the usb cable to the computer, the USB hub just shuts down. I already checked for shorts and desoldered the VCC cable, switched D+ and D-, but all in vain… Any idea what could be wrong here?

Thanks in advance.

USB cannot support 2A in old systems. GSM needs 2A peak current. I must have a SIM808 firmware with bluetooth support. Mail me

Hi thanks for your approach. How can I mail you? I cannot find the direct message function here.

Male me to ravi @ valetron [.] com

good evening, I have a problem with the sim808 module, when I use the Bluetooth commands the response is always ‘ERROR’

Hello and welcome!

Have you already uploaded a custom firmware that supports bluetooth onto your module? The default ones that come preinstalled do not have support for bluetooth.

Hi @RaviPujar @Ravi_Pujar , could you please sent me the firmware? I have already sent you an email.


SimCom Informed be, that 1308B02SIM808M32 would not have bluetooth and there was no way to install it… is that true?