SIM808 Data consumption during only Internet ON mode

I am using the SIM808 module to post data to the cloud server in my embedded device. The embedded device sits inside the car battery to monitor it. we post data to the cloud in HTTP format. Initially, we simply turned on the internet connection in the SIM808 Module without posting the data to the cloud. We carried out this experimentation for 24 hours. I used airtel Simcard for this experimentation, when I checked the airtel app it showed me that the data consumption is 20MB for that particular day. We didn’t post the data and it is simply an internet ON condition. Does the SIM808 module have any other stuffs running in the backend? how is this 20MB in one single day is possible?

Hello and welcome! Although I have never used the SIM808, only the SIM800, I don’t know of any background process on these chips which could have consumed that much data (that’s almost as much as we use sending a small JSON with the HTTP Post interface, per month). If you keep the same SIM card inserted for more than a day without posting data, do you see the same consumption or even an increase?

Thanks for your response. We extended the experiment for four days and we recorded the same 20MB consumption… This is such an anomalous situation and we are puzzled…thats why we require the helping hand from the open community…

Wow, ok… two questions then:

  • What module/board/devkit are you using?
  • Can you try with a SIM card from a different provider?
  • Is there a chance that airtel is automatically charging you for 20MB per day? Like for example if you have a plan that charges you a fixed amount per day and gives you 20MB to expend during that time. In that case, the provider would be charging you for “using up to 20MB per day from the very moment you connect to the network”.

As @viedana said, the modules dont run any background processes that might consume data. May be Airtel itself is being dubios. They are known for it.
You can try the experiment with another network provider, say Vodafone/BSNL as suggested above.

1.We are using our own GPRS module that is designed from the sample schematic explained in SIMCOM Documents.
2.Yes, we did experiments with vodafone and Idea the results were the same it consumed about 20MB.
3.No we don’t find it that way because the same simcard when used in mobile phones didn’t give us this result.

We did give a try with vodafone but the results were the same… it consumed about 20MB of data.

Have you tried with some other SIM808 module and no extra firmware/software? If that does not give you this problems, then it’s probably something with your implementation.