Sim808 https post

I need to send POST HTTPS for the following server

Server: !https!://

Content-Type: application/json



“email”: “

“password”: “##1234


Desired response from the server:


“success”: true,

“msg”: “User has logged in”,

“token”: “Bearer eyJhbGciOiJIUzkIjoxNCwiZmlyc3ROYW1lIjoiVmluYXlhayIsImxhc3ROYW1lIjoiTG”,

“user”: {

“ID”: 14,

“username”: “vlele”,

“email”: “”,

“needToResetPassword”: 0



In order to speed up the development kindly suggest the AT commands to execute the above.

Hello and welcome!

On the IP application document the manufacturer gives the following examples that might be of your interest (using the HTTP interface of the module):

  • On page 9, how to connect and disconnect from the internet.
  • On page 10, how to make a POST request.

On the SSL application document you can check on page 16 how to enable SSL for a GET request (easily transferable to a POST request). BUT keep in mind that the module uses an old TLS standard that might not be accepted by your server.

An extra tip is that after you get the Bearer token, you’ll have to put it into the header of your following requests using AT+HTTPPARA="USERDATA","<headercontainingyourtoken>" (check the command at the AT commands manual on pages 257 and 258).