SIM808 module Bluetooth dosen't work

Hello Ravi I have SIM808 module

and bluetooth dosen’t work for this at command AT+BTPOWER = 1 get return ERROR
why please help?

Update the firmware with extension _BT. Ask SIMCOM support for latest firmware or you can try to get from site.

I visit web site SIMCOM and there have two firmware for bluetooth I don’t know what firmware instal

  1. 1418B01SIM808M32_BT.rar (this display me “check softweare version”)
  2. 1418B03SIM808M32_BT_EAT.rar I don’t know what is this firmware
    when I instal this firmware 1418B03SIM808M32_BT_EAT.rar. I update from usb interface but I don’t see com port this is normal? and when I press start download. The slider don’t move
    battery connect! thank you for help!
    my Revision module is: 1418B05SIM808M32
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