Sim868 at+cgatt=1 gives error

I am working on SIM868 module with MSP432P401R controller for communication with a server over GPRS.
I am using Vodafone sim card.When attaching GPRS, (AT+CGATT=1) it returns error.
I can’t figure it out.Please help.


Hi sayali,

Generally AT+CGATT=1 Command is for attaching the packet service, So if you have home network or roaming network (+CREG: 0,1 or +CREG:0,5) then you try for this command it should work when your SIM card have proper GPRS packet service. once check your SIM card activation. if still you are facing the same issue check this points once.
1.SIM card is connecting to any of home or roaming network
2.check your SIM card packet service
3.check your SIM card data plan.
4.use proper APN provided by the operator