Sim868 bluetooth pwd commands

Hi all,

I’m developing a project with the module SIM868 using Bluetooth. I’m facing some problems and I hope you can help me.

Right now, I’m able to connect to a device with 4 digit password using the following commands:


Then I’ve tried to connect to a device (the same Bluetooth module and everything the same) but with 8 digit password. The point is that the command AT+BTPAIRCFG doesn’t accept 8 digit password. The device can pair correctly but then when is going to connect, it can’t.

Is there any way to connect to a 8 digit password like I’m doing with the 4 digit password?
Is there any way to connect to a device with an 8 digit password? Sometimes I’m able to pair with it but not to connect.
Thanks in advanced!!

Alberto P.

Hi Alberto,
I havent tried to do this since long time. I dont have access to SIM868 now. These modules are very limited in terms of flexibility.

Hi Ravi,

Thanks for your reply. Do you know how can I get this information? I’ve tried to contact SIMCOM but they don’t answer me…

Let me check with local Indian support if we can use 8 digit password for bluetooth.

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