SIM868 input voltage and interfacing to arduino nano

Hi, i am working on my Vehicle Tracking GPS experimentation using SIM868. The documentation of the development board is not quite clear to me. Can someone guide me and answer the questions below.

This is the board i am using…

  1. Where i can connect my power supply. Is it in VCC pin?
  2. What is the voltage range of the VCC pin?
  3. What does it means "DC - DC module support 5v-18v? Is it related to VCC pin?


That link has not much info on the connections. And marking on the boards are not much helpful. Its unclear and i dont want to give wrong information and mess up your board.

But, here are my observations,
The board looks like it has a buck converter on it so you should be good to provide 5V to 18V on VCC pin. Try by connecting low voltage, i.e 5V with a 2A capability.
DC-DC means its having a buck converter which can support upto 18V.

Thank you. I have the same observations but i need a second opinion like yours. Some other boards have the voltage ranges from 5v to 12v and they have embedded it with DC plug on board.

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Only way is to trace the tracks and see which pin goes where and connect the right power to it.

can anyone give share the the connection of sim868 with arduino?

Did you get it? Please share with me.