Sim868 update firmware

Hi there,
When I update sim868 firmware and setup it in all-in-one mode, It always return AT+CGNSINF
Do you see this before? Do anybody has solution for this.
Thank you so much

Have you enabled the GNSS before sending this command? I get all empty fields separated with commas if there is no signal. Wait for sometime under open sky to get signal and data.

I enabled GNSS part of that module. However, I realized that GNSS TX line has data on it ( data has longtitude and lattitude) and RX of UART2 seems to be disable to receive any data. That leads to CGNSINF return 0,Can you give some advice on this problem. I get stuck here for a week.

I think there must be a command to change the GNSS data path to UART1 and disable after reading. I did it once for SIM7000E. Enable GNSS data on UART1 and then disable it after recording data.
Its strange that GNSS command is returning 0.