SIM868 with SDK_1418B01SIM868M32_EAT based custom firmware resets every 3 minutes

Hi everyone,

I have followed the “SIM868 Series_Embedded AT_Compiling Environment_V1.00” and “SIM868 Series_Embedded AT_Application Note_V1.01” application notes to develop and embed custom software in the SIM868 module avoiding thus to use an external MCU. I used the SDK_1418B01SIM868M32_EAT available on The SDK, development tools and compilation process work fine and I succeed in having a custom app running inside SIM868. However I have been experiencing some rare issue. After upgrading the firmware on the module it keeps resetting itself every 3 minutes. I have used a proper power supply (5V @ 2A), the module registers the SIM successfully to the GSM/GPRS network and works as expected for exactly 3 minutes, then it resets repeating the process over again. I do not known if I have missed some configuration. Does anyone faced this issue? Any help would be deeply appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

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