Sim900 as tcp server by static ip

If I have a static ip and I want to use this static ip for sim800 as a server and set this ip for sim900 .other sim800’s are client
How can I do this (sending and reciving data between clients and server)
I don’t know how can set STATIC IP for sim800 as a server.
please guide me.

You need to work closely with your network operator to get this working. Check if they have NAT enabled. It needs to be disabled and all packets coming in should be allowed by your provider.

Hi, the first I should set my static ip to sim900 server then this device will recognize by the world or the ISP can forward the packet to specify node. How can I set this static ip to sim800 server?

You dont set it. Your network provider will set it for your sim card.
There is nothing to be done from your side.