SIM900 GPRS Shield power consumption 12mA instead of 1.5mA

I’m using this module:

I’ve managed to reduce the power consumption to 9,55mA after removing the LED’s on the board and using the following codesnippet, but I’m confused about the power consumption.

void SIM900power()
    // software equivalent of pressing the GSM shield "power" button
      digitalWrite(9, HIGH);
      digitalWrite(9, LOW);

Even when I use the sleep command AT+CSCLK=2 it’s the same. I’m not sure, what consumes power on the board anymore, but is it maybe the low-dropout voltage regulator MIC29302WU?

I’m powering the Shield via the VBat with a 3,7 2500mAh Lipo battery. Can somebody else confirm, that the power is not 1.5mA, when the shield is powered off for the same shield?

Some more pictures, which illustrate my setup:

After some more research, I’m pretty sure the low-dropout voltage regulator MIC29302WU
is the culprit, but I’m not sure, if I can just remove it.

Seems the module doesn’t work anymore, when you remove the LDO. So I don’t recommened doing that. I’m using the SIM800L now. I reach the desired current consumption with this module in deep sleep. AT+CFUN=0 followed by AT+CSCLK=2 gives me a current consumption around 0,70mA, which sometimes rises up to 1.13mA.