Sim900 works at at commnad but sim800 doesn’t work at same at commnad

I have two GSM modem with sim900 and sim800c module.
I installed an applet on the SIM card when inserting it into the sim900 modem and sending the at command At + csim = 42,“00a4040010AID”. The applet is easily selected and will answer.
But when I put the same SIM card in the sim800c modem and sending the at command At + csim = 42,“00a4040010AID”. just reply: +CME ERROR: unknown
sim800 modem responds to many At command but has problems with this command: At + csim = 42,“00a4040010AID”

First check in datasheet and confirm if the SIM800C supports that command or not.

Goodmorning everyone; I am a new user and a beginner. I purchased a USB module with a SIM800C modem that I would like to use to read the logs of the electricity meters equipped with a GSM modem. I connected the modem to the PC and sent and received SMS regularly with my mobile. The problem is that I should set some “AT + xxx” parameters on the SIM800C (these are also described in the document that describes the AT commands of the “SIMCOM” manufacturer) but when I enter them with the terminal it returns ERROR. This does not happen with all AT configuration parameters, but only with some. Where am I wrong? What can I do? Using other GSM modems everything works normally. Thank you