SIM900A firmware update issue

i tried all firmware on gsm900 but every time i fail tell me what is solution for that

As per your image you are uploading SIM900 firmware. And the module you are using is SIM900A?
SIM900A doesn’t work with SIM900 firmware.

Also once you got the right firmware, check out the processor size, You need 32 bit firmware for 32 bit processor versions and 64 bit firmware for 64 bit processor versions of module

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have you got solution for this??,
im having same issue & i have proper firmware too
help me please

i am having same issue but i have proper sim900a firmware please help.

Go through the topics , there are many firmware update problems discussed.
Here Firmware upgrade for sim808 module
He got it working with USB and shared the solution. It might help.

@Kunal_Hirani : You can download the firmware from the link below.

Be sure to Register into the website before attempting to download the firmware.

Guide to Upgrade firmware:

CREDITS : @RaviPujar : Thank you for amazing Video

i have tried all those sim900a firmwares, but result is same and one more thing, simcard is required for uploading the firmware??

No, SIM card is not required for uploading the firmware.

I changed the connector from MAX232 to UART, and it worked for me

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Glad it worked :slight_smile:

hi ravi its regarding the simcom900a frameware upgrade. can i use arduino alternate to usb uart converter to upgrade simcom900a framework

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It´s possible, but don´t forget to powerUp module with external power Supply!

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Ravi Pujar, I came to thanks, becouse had succesfully Upgraded my SIM900A module… But I still have problem (registration operator fail). have you got some idea?

thanks Molares, can you provide me the exact steps to do so and and can you confirm which framework to update for dtmf capability in simcom900a. my current framework is 1137B06SIM900A32_ST. THANKS

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Hi Amit, Stuck in the same situation as you,with same version of firmware. Did you find a solution? If so, can you please share what you did?

Hi Ravi,

I am using SIM900A. I realize SIM900 AT documentation doesn’t talk about DTMF command DDET.
My firmware is

Do you know if I could upgrade its firmware to enable DDET? Or should I move upto SIM800?

How do you rate Quectel M95 against SIM800?