SIM900A GSM Module with 4G SIM

I recently started exploring SIM900A GSM module for IoT projects . However , in my SIM900A module , I try to use both 4G Post paid SIM of Airtel and Vodaphone , but the Network LED is blinking once in a second , thus indicating that its not connected in network. I use 12V/2A power adapter for its power supply . I need help in this matter , so that 4G SIM can be used in this module.

4G SIM works ,since I have used it . Make sure you have connected it to the APN using AT command

I can let you know later this week. I just ordered one and it arrived about a week ago but I’m still waiting for the hotspot byod card to come from AT&T (it’s due this week)

I have same issue with SIM808, SIM800L are working great… Why? I dont know, im trying same simcard with both but it just dont work…
Ill appreciate some help, tryed several times to communicate with and-global people but they never answer.