SIM900A Module Flashing problem "The loader file path is not exists"

Hello! I tried to flash the sim900A module with a firmware which worked for Europe (not in my case, I’ve read some articles) (it’s about 1137B03SIM900M64_ST_ENHANCE.cla and some other files) with the sim900 customer flash loader V1.01. I’ve paid attention to the files’ type (I have chosen 64 bits; my module’s firmware is The module responds to AT Commands. The problem is that every time I try to flash I receive the message “The loader file path is not exists”, just as in the screenshot. What does it refer to? What can I do? How can I make it work?

It means you have to select the correct file path. Put it on a shorter path and see the video i have on channel. YOU have to give that particular file for updation

hello, i am struggling for a long time with this problem. Did anybody solved this yet? Sir RaviPujar which video are you tolking about? I am new on this forum so i hope i react probably.

I was talking about this video