Simcom 868 MQTT Issue

We are using a simcom 868E in our IOT application with a MQTT + BLE combined firmware.
We are using Microchip SAML11 M23 microcontroller with this module.
This offering from Simcom is new and is released upon our request and I am not sure if this is extensively tested by the embedded community.
Now we are facing a blocking issue in which the tracking data sending to MQTT broker stops after 6 to 10 hours. After this only way to re-start communication is a power reset.
We got even some suggestions from SIMCOM and corrected our AT command firmware but in-spite of that we are still facing this issue.
Please let us know your suggestions since we are running out of our deadline and finding it hard to go ahead for production.

Normally we incorporate module switch on and off mechanism in our designs. This issue is quite normal with cellular networks. You have to take care of it in your firmware. SIM868E has been released long back. I had ordered a few modules but still didn’t start the design.
You have to include loop checks and timeout the firmware to get around this problems of modules becoming non responsive. Most of the times it’s the mcu firmware which is the culprit. If you think only power cycle fixes it then you need to incorporate power cycling mechanism for the modules. And give this power cycling control to the mcu on timeouts