Simcom series download tool error for sim800c

i am using sim800c and want to load the EAT files in module, for that i am using Simcom_Series_download_Tools_CustomerV1.06
i am using UART1 and connected the module to pc through usb to ttl, also i have restarted the module to pull the power key to low,baudrate : 115200
DA and format part completed successfully, but in DL uploading is stuck in 85% of download
how can i solve this?

If its happening every time , then check your power supply that it is stable or not and make sure you are using the right version. There 24 bit, 32 bit , 64 bit firmwares etc. and also check if you are activating the PWRKEY pin after a while accidentally when using module with MCU.

i was using wrong version and changed it to 24 mbit from 32mbit

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