SIMCOM SIM7000C interfacing problem

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I am working with SIMCom SIM7000C with arduino, i have inserted idea 4G sim in that but it was not responding, and i am using idea network 4G sim, in the data sheet it was written it support B3 (1800Mhz),

please help me to slove this problem.

Its CAT M1 and NBIOT module. It wont support the CAT 1 or CAT 4 networks available in India now. You can use it in 2G mode only now. Use AT+CNMP command to set to 2G mode.

First of all it was not communicating with my arduino board. I am using SIM7000C Shield which was manufactured by DFRobot & i am using libraries of same manufacturer.

And i am using a baud rate of 115200 for this module.

Are you using level translation? check if board has it. Sim7000 has 1.8v io levels.
Check if this link helps.

Hi Ravi,

I am using SIM7000C module with ESP32 for mqtt application.
I have tried setting AT+CNMP=13 for GSM, but app netwrok activate not working.
AT+CNACT=1, // used airtel apn settings here


what could be the issue ? Can you please help me ?