Simm800L With Mqtt

Hello Sir , I buy a new Module Sim800l And I use your code that you used in Youtube Tutorial And I have nothing publied in my CLoudMQtt Account (no topic , no message ) i use the same code of Your blog and modified but nothing please help me ;


There are many tutorials done by Sir, can you point to the exact link to what video you followed? and ill recommend you, if you only want to understand the working then follow the tutorial. But, If you are just looking for implementation, Then just work with the libraries! (Assuming your using aruino).

Parth Temkar


Hello Sir ,
First thank You Very Much For your answer ,
I follow This video

And i use the code :
I have change APn ANd host of CloudMqtt and user … , and i have same Thing in my serial like the video But in Topic nothing Publish ; Thank you again Sir