Software serial in Arduino to connect to cloud mqtt using SIM900A

hello sir… ow can we use software serial while working withe mqtt protocol…i want to send random data from from arduino uno to another aduino uno to be read by sim 900a via software serial and transfer to cloud mqtt server.
How to do this sir ?? please reply

I havent used Software Serial so far. But it should work the same way as it is working with hardware serial.
Just connect module TX RX to Arduino RX TX and start sending commands in code.

OK…thnku sir …

Hello Sir…
Sir actually the problem is that… i am using two arduinos. one is transmitter arduino and the another is receiver arduino … i am sending random data i.e randtotal=(400,800) from tx to rx… through software serial… i am receiving the data on the serial port of receiver also…but on the cloudmqtt server it is not getting displayed… what could be the reason behind this??? i am using sim 900a gsm module at receiver side… does the data length will matter which i am sending … i am sending the same data length which you are using in the video link

The problem will be in packet formation most of the time and username and password must be correct.
You should observe data between GSM module UART and Arduino UART to see whats happening.
There are lot of discussions done on this forum on same topic. If you go through them, you might find hints.