TCP/IP Not Connecting to the Server SIM808

Hello Community,

I have been trying the past 2 weeks to get to the bottom of this, but my SIM808, after upgrading my firmware to the latest, B05, I can finally have SSL encryption.

However, my TCP/IP doesn’t seem to be working and I dont’t understand why because all my initialization steps are as suggested by the majority in the web.

I have T-Mobile as my carrier, and I am using their public APN.

Sequence is as follows:







And after I do this, I get OK, and then the module stucks in the STATE: TCP CONNECTING until it doesn’t reach the server.

For the server side I am using Packet Sender, which I tested with the Socket Server that @Ravi suggested and they both work.

I am in a dead end. Reaching out for help to the engineers out there.

Thank you !

APN text should be replaced with your networks APN

I did that. I just didn’t want to disclose the actual APN on the forum…

Are you getting IP address for CIFSR command?