TCP IP setup for GSM

Hi Ravi,
Below are the commands to connect with tcp port. Do I need to apply all every time? I guess, I only need to repeat commands after AT+CIPSTART. Do you have any idea?

AT+CGATT? +CGATT:n checks if GPRS is attached? n=1 if attached
AT+CIPMUX=n OK use n as 0 for single connection
or use 1 for multiple connections
AT+CSTT=”apn”,”username”,”pass” OK Sets APN, user name and password
AT+CIICR OK Brings up wireless connection
AT+CIFSR ip address Get local IP address if connected
AT+CIPSTART=“TYPE” , “domain”, “port” Connected Establishes a connection with a server. Type can be UDP or TCP
AT+CIPSEND > Sends data when the a connection is established.
AT+CIPCLOSE OK Closes the connection

Hi Dharmendra,
You are right, once TCP connection is established you dont need to send all. Only use the CIPSEND statements to send data.
Then only if you get the CLOSED URC when server closes the connection, you can start from CIPSTART command again to reconnect to the server.
And if the internet gets disconnected like if you get DEACT URC then you need to start from beginning all over again.