Telit GL865 HTTP commands take too long to execute, Why?

Hi Ravi,

I have a concern for transmission speed,

I send AT # HTTPQRY = 0,0, "/add.php?apiaryid =001C&hiveid=000A&timeshift=0429D508&weight=05FBA5&temp=034A&hum=02BE

and after ~ 3 or 5 seconds

I’m getting # 0.200, text / html; charset 0 UTF-8 ", 0

the next AT # HTTPQRY = 0,0…

every 1second to getting # 0.200

you know why it’s slow, how can I check if I’m connected in 3G or 4G or I do not use the right method of transmission.

I feel like working in teletype.

thank you for your help, have a nice day

Best regards


Hi Michel,
You are getting 1 second response that’s really good :slight_smile:
You must be having very good 2G network in your country. Its a 2G module and thats the best you can do in HTTP mode.
Here we get response after 2 to 3 seconds minimum even in good signal environment due to bandwidth and network congestion.
You will always be connected to 2G because GL865 is a 2G module, it cant connect to 3G or 4G networks.
Also, check if you are adding any delays in between?

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Thank you very much for your answer, now I understand.
I need to change my GSM model for a 3G or 4G connection, is there a model that you can advise me, I work in 3.3VDC.
Best rgards

Dear Ravi,

Do you know this module:

Yes Michel. Its a 3G module, But I havent worked on it.
You can also look at Telit UL865 of same module family for 3G or others for 4G.
Check here,
They are footprint and command compatible. You can try and find out the speed difference without change in software or hardware design.

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