Telit GL865 -QUAD V3 HTTP Command not working

With Telit GL865-Quad V3, I try the command AT#SGACT = 1.1 and I receive: Error: operation not supported, can you help me

Hi Michel,
Are you sure you are entering command correctly?
it is supposed to be
and not
AT#SGACT = 1.1

Comma vs full point. That’s why i asked to share screenshots.

Dear Ravi,

I do this






#HTTPRING: 0,200,“text/html; charset=UTF-8”,0

If I do this ? no work?
AT#HTTPQRY=0,0,“ /http/1.1”

17.03.2018 09:45:14.814 [RX] - E

I think you dont need to pass the domain again in URL since you are giving URL in the CFG command. Did you look at how am doing this in my video?
I execute almost the same query using GET method.

Hi Ravi,

Thank you for your help, indeed I removed the URL and it works.

Best regards


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Glad it worked :slight_smile:

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