Telit vs SIMCOM

The Telit devices are more expensive than SIMCOM or Quectel devices offering similar features. Could someone please tell me the exact reasons for the higher expense of the Telit devices.

  • Telit is Italian company and modules are made in Italy (Most Probably) and SIMCOM is Chinese company and they are made in China.
  • Telit modules are slightly low power compared to SIMCOM.
  • Telit modules can run upto 3.2V also where as SIMCOM shuts off at 3.6V so Telit can give more battery life in emergency situations
  • Telit supports Military grade products if needed, SIMCOM are only consumer grade.
  • Telit products are more reliable and i have seen them keep functioning even when replaced from board to board more than 4 times.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

HI Ravi
Thanks for the reply
Could you please provide a percentage of what exactly slightly low power means.
Also if you could please help me out in understanding military grade here. Does making for military grade accomodates harsh temperature conditions or is the accuracy something that is not compromised in those grades?
I am looking forward to use SIM808 in my vehicle project for monitoring real time data of location, battery and various other sensors. If I would want to use it on a commercial level, should I be looking for another module as you mentioned that telit is more reliable?

Hi ,
I dont have quantitative info on the power consumption. You could evaluate with both the modules practically.
Military grade means more secure firmware and better temperature ranges, reliable hardware.
SIM808 is good enough for any application. You can go ahead. Go for Telit, only if you or your client has more money to spend.

Hi Ravi
Thanks for the precise reply.
That solves a lot of things.

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