TMFT not correctly working

Hello Ravi, I recive the sim800l. But I can’t work in software TMFT 2.6. I set baudrate and other settings, but my module didn’t answer. And field “Line status” - has green color in your video black color… But in Docklight all working, but it hasn’t “Packetize”. I connect to server, but I don’t how to send data(login + publick) in docklight. Do you show how to send (login + publick) in docklight.
Thank you!

@ALEXIS The Docklight has HEX mode, you can use it too.

Ок. I connect to server, after I turn to hex, insert the code in hex. In end I enter 1A. It is right?

Yes correct. 0x1A will start the data sending process.

I make such, but I didn’t recived the answer from module "Send Ok "

Try sending 0x1A twice until you get SEND OK and see.

Ok, I try it, but I not recived answer from module. I public data in hercules and docklight. And I see one moments. Why in docklight I see all data convert from hex to ASCII, but in hercules I see only some data from my packet data

The blank characters in between are because the software doesn’t have ASCII equivalents that can be viewed. For example there is no character for 0x00 to be shown in a text editor. It would be displayed as empty space. But docklight interprets the characters and shows them in some form of notation.

Ravi, you tried to send data to the MQTT server through Docklight?

No, I never use docklight as i am happy with TMFT. :slight_smile:

I’m inclined to think that Docklight can’t send data in packets.

You don’t necessarily need the packetize option. You can send in individual bytes.
TMFT is simple enough, wondering what would be the problem with it as you say module is not responding.
Can you try it on a different system?
I can’t comment much on docklight as i didn’t use it more.