Top GSM module in terms of stability & cost effectiveness

Hello, I have developed a simple hardware with Atmega328 & SIM800L for notifying in case of an event.
I would like to know if there is any similar GSM module which is better than SIM800L, considering that 2G spectrum in India might not be offered by any service provider by 2020.
Also I would like to keep the design of the system as simple as possible since it does not require any kind of GPRS or data service, just voice and SMS.
The reason for still using SMS & call notification instead of 3G/4G services is because in many rural and not so developed areas in India basic SMS and voice notifications are more reliable.
So in a nutshell… a GSM module for basic voice and SMS function which might not go redundant in near future.

You can choose SIM5300E and then design considering SIM7000E and SIM800F. All these modules are footprint compatible. Make provisions in your board for these module pins.