UBLOX SARA-U201 HTTP request not working

Dear Ravi,

Now I try the SARA-U201 u-box module, I can get the connection, I configure the GPRS mode and I send my HTTP data with this command:

I receive: +UUHTTPCR: 0,1,0

and I do not see anything in my database.

I think the proble is “index.ffs”
do you have any idea what to put in this parameter “index.ffs”

Best regards


Hi Michel,
I havent worked on UBLOX modules, but if you share the manual for HTTP request, i can suggest better.
P.S : Please create separate topic for new queries.

Hi Michel,
I already created this new topic.
Please respond here. I asked to share manual to check for HTTP commands of UBLOX module you are using.