Unable to upload data on IBM Bluemix from SIM900a with arduino

Hello everyone,

I am working on my Final Year Project and trying to upload data to IBM Bluemix cloud using SIM900a. But I am unable to do it and didn’t find any online tutorial to do this work.

So far I have been successful in uploading data on Thingspeak cloud through SIM900a but my target is Bluemix cloud. Since MQTT is a protocol given by IBM company and Bluemix is also IBM cloud so to upload data we must use MQTT on SIM900a which is not possible, I have searched I didn’t found any library for SIM900a to do this work.

I have watched Ravi videos on MQTT Protocol tutorial using SIM900/SIM800 modules - LIVE DEMO but it also NOT helping me uploading data on IBM BLUEMIX cloud.

Any HELP in resolving the issue will be highly appreciated.

Good day, I am also trying to upload data (DHT11 temperature values) to thingspeak. I am able to connect to the platform but unable to upload the values. Would you mind posting your code for refernce if its not a problem, thanks.