Uninterruptable power supply for SIM800L

I would love something like the Adafruit Powerboost 1000C but with 2 Amps. The SIM800L should only take power from the battery, when it’s USP isn’t connected with a power source like a wall socket. Charging and boosting would be also great. The battery shouldn’t be charged all the time and only, if its really need (like the Adafruit powerboost). Any suggestions?

Any charger chip with power path management should be able to do this. I use MP2617 for the same.

Thanks for the input, Ravi.


I’ve thought about using this one removing the USB-A-Adapter, soldering some cables on instead, which are leading to the SIM800L with a downstepper inbetween to get the right amount of voltage for the SIM800L.

I guess you don’t use a breakout. Instead you are creating your own pcb’s with a charger chip.on it?

Yes we are creating custom PCB.
MP2636 should work with a regulator like LM29302 to reduce voltage to 4V for SIM800L.

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