Uploading Data on google colab using nodemcu

I am attaching a sensor along with nodemcu and wish to send real time data received from sensor on Google Colab. Can someone please explain the steps to do so?
I am unable to find the solution on other websites.
Thanks in advance.

Hello and welcome! Let me ask you some questions to better understand your situation:

  • Which nodemcu module are you using?
  • Which language/environment/firmware are you using to program the module?
  • Are you going to leave the module connected to a computer or you plan to leave it by its own somewhere collecting data?
  • Does you data need to be real-time or can it be uploaded at a later time?
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The nnodemcu has esp32 wifi module.
Arduino IDE will be used.
It will be at a remote location to collect data.
Yes, it has to be real time

Ok, it seems then that google colab is not the proper tool for what you are trying to do (although I have no experience with the platform). For what I can see its meant to basically allow you to use a jupyter notebook with access to your google drive, and some added “sharing” capabilities.

Since it isn’t connected to the PC that you’ll be using to write the notebook, you’ll need to publish the data somewhere online in order to have remote access from your google Colab.

And you probably would have to write it in a file or database in order to access it remotely. In that case, you’ll be reading the information really slowly.

What is it that you are trying to achieve? Do you need to use google Colab specifically?

No, I just need web services to run my RNN model it could be any web service like AWS, google colab, etc.
I want to send real time data on the web service which will be used as input for RNN model. I require a web service which is fast and can read large amount of audio file. I realised that nodemcu is incapable of sending audio files on google drive.

Ok, maybe you can use something like MQTT (maybe Emitter?), or even GUN if you feel like doing something more “hacky”.

What is the problem you’ve found?