Use of eSIM/eUICC with SIM8xx device

Hi, I’m trying to add an eSIM to my device and I’m having a lot of problems (theoric problems).

I’m reading all the GSMA official documents about eSIM/eUICC for the M2M problem, but I don’t really understand what should I program in my device, what should I program remotely (and where, in my computer?).

Is there any kind of library to do that?? If it’s possible in C, but if it’s in other language it’s ok, I only want to understand what should I do and do it by myself :slight_smile:

So, someone has any kind of information about this?? If someone has I will explain in more detail my questions. Or if someone know where I should ask this kind of questions or who I should ask it will help me a lot.


I believe the SIM network provider does the provisioning and they program the code into the eSIM memory. I think we are not supposed to do anything from our side.